IoT Solution with E&I

The IoT technology is a range of technologies, standards and applications, which lead from the simple connection of objects to the Internet to the most easy and most complex applications that use these connected things, the data they gather and communicate and the different steps needed to power these database & applications.

Prescient Automation offers IoT product design & development as per customer requirement. Our end-to-end IoT product design & development involves Hardware -Software Design & Deployment for advanced Solutions for Internet of things (IoT) applications & business processes.

Prescient design and deliver IoT Systems with the scope of:
  • Need finding – to identify KPIs and benefits of the system.
  • Sensor selection and design – select standard or nonstandard sensors or systems to measure specific KPIs.
  • Design an system to meet specific requirement through web app, mobile app and Email/notification on mobile.
  • Secure system and data for viewing KPIs.


Prescient Automation is a well established engineering organization, promoted by a group of engineers.